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Peptiva is a probiotic that assists you to sleep well and improve digestion. Many customers have consumed this supplement and hardly anyone has complained about the same. The Peptiva has been one of the most popular supplements for a good time now.

Purchase Peptiva

You can buy this clinically approved prescription to advance probiotics and sleep directly from the main website of the same.

You can also purchase Peptiva pills from stores like Amazon and GNC, as well as from other online retailers like Gifts County, Bon Shoppe, and eBay.

What is the cost of the Peptiva?

Because there are different Peptiva products, prices vary as per the products you purchase.

Peptiva + Sleep Support takes $ 59.99 per package. It is sold at GNC for the same price. If you make a one-time purchase from Amazon, the surcharge is $ 49.97 and the subscription is $ 47.47.

On the official website, you will find the Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief for $ 64.99. At Amazon, the surcharge is around $ 49.99.

Peptiva Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes + Prodigest costs $ 34.99 on the official website and at the GNC. It can also be purchased from Amazon just for $ 29.99.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Peptiva coupons online. However, the official website mentions that you can save up to 40%.

A 30-day guarantee accompanies your purchase. To process your refund, kindly reach out to customer support at the telephone number 1-800-355-6050 or email [email protected] However, the trial offer is not available.

Your account 30 is significantly cheaper on Amazon and costs $ 49.97. With this option, you save without losing your 30-day return policy.