Peptiva is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that is introduced to replenish the good gut bacteria that exist in the small and large intestines and enhance the quality of the digestive health.

Range Of Peptiva Products

The company generates and sells three main probiotic products. These are the main products that Peptiva has to offer:

Peptiva+ Sleeping Pills: Peptiva + Sleep Support is a probiotic product specially developed for the night. The supplement is a probiotic formulated by a doctor that contains the perks of various strains of probiotics and various other ingredients that promote good sleep. The plan costs $ 59.99. Each box contains 30 vegetarian capsules, which must be consumed at night before going to bed.

Vegetarian digestive enzymes Peptiva + Prodisdi: Digestive Enzymes Peptiva + ProDigest is a vegetarian probiotic supplement that accommodates up to 17 digestive enzymes. These enzymes act together to break down fats, fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, milk, sugar, etc. in your diet.

When the capsules start to work, you may notice instant relief from the issues like gas, bloating, and general indigestion. The capsule also contains Prodigest, a proprietary combination of ginger root and artichoke leaves that encourages healthy digestion and prevents stomach problems. The package costs $ 34.99 and each container contains 30 vegetarian capsules.

Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief: Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief is a regular probiotic supplement that contains a wide range of effective probiotics that provide various health benefits. The strains have been clinically proved and tested for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The probiotic not only aid digestion, but it also contains ingredients that assist to relieve stress and calming properties that help reduce anxiety. The package costs $ 64.99 and each container contains 30 vegetarian capsules.

The Peptiva uses the ingredients that are ideal for the vegans to consume. This supplement has been delivering decent results for a good time now.