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Peptiva Sleep Support asserts that it is a clinically validated probiotic supplement formulated by the physician. This over-the-counter digestive aid holds a multi-effort probiotic matrix and original herbs to help restore digestive balance during sleep.

Peptiva’s customer assistance offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the official website.

There is also a useful contact form on the home page that you can use to submit questions and concerns at any time. A 1-800 number is also reserved.

Peptiva Contact Information

In case, you need to reach out to the customer support of the supplement, you can use the contact details that are given below:

Postal Address: 

2323 south 3600 west

West Valley City, UT 84119

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 1-800-355-6050

If after 15 days of testing you are sure you like Peptiva, do nothing. You will not receive a new Peptiva delivery for a month until the 18th of the month. You will be charged the extremely low price of $ 59.99 plus $ 4.99 shipping and tax. And remember there is no obligation which means that you can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason by dialing the number 1-800-355-6050.

Peptiva Probiotics beams to promote general health, with an emphasis on increasing the sleep quality along with the digestive health.

The principal ingredients have been identified to encourage good sleep and reduce digestive complications.

Based on the online reviews on the Peptiva Probiotics website, the product also appears to produce the stated effects.

Peptiva is a multi-strain probiotic supplement supposed to replenish the good gut bacteria that play a vital role in the improvement of the digestive system.

According to the company, the supplement should be consumed between 30 and 60 minutes before going to bed with or without food.

Because sleep is generally considered a digestive inhibitor, Peptiva has uncovered a prescribed supplement to take advantage of a less active gut. Peptiva Probiotics products should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

The Peptiva brand is owned by Adaptive Health. The company has a long list of other popular brands like Nugenix and Instaflex.